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HahnAmerica Radio Preview: Jan 25th

By Bobby M.

Every Wednesday night, Jason Taylor, better known as @HahnAmerica and the founder of hosts a radio show along with @ChuckNellis and his wife @laweez to discuss the week in politics. They each will give the point of view from a moderate, a conservative, and a liberal. You can catch the most recent episode when you follow this link and older podcasts can be found here.

Here are some of the possible topics that I hope they discuss tonight…

  • It is official, Trump has become president unfortunately
  • He does not seem to get that people did not want to come to or watch his inauguration like he thought and he threw a fit about it
  • So much of a fit, Sean Spicer lied on his behalf about the event, prompting Kellyanne Conway to defend the statements with the phrase, “Alternative Facts”. Spicer has basically been acting like a tool the entire time as press secretary
  • Trump did his own lying an attacking of the media over the inauguration when he was supposed to be mending fences with the CIA
  • The women’s march to protest Trump’s election was at least three times the size in attendance of the inauguration, with millions more at hundreds of sister protests all across the world
  • For someone that complained about Obama’s usage of executive orders, he certainly uses them a lot. Will he continue to bypass congress and keep doing it due to thinking he is a king?
  • One of those orders was calling for his border wall to be built. Another involved banning Muslims
  • Trump threw another fit when it comes to addressing how he lost the popular vote. In fact, he thinks it only happened because of voter fraud and is calling upon an investigation. Here’s hoping that the investigation publicizes #CrossCheck by Kris Kobach and Trump is thrown out of office
  • Rex Tillerson and Ben Carson make it through cabinet confirmation hearings, even though there was much noise thinking they would not. Most notably in changing their tunes were GOP senators Rubio, Graham, and McCain
  • Even though all across the world people asked that the embassy in Israel not be moved to Jerusalem, Trump is vowing to do so. In conjunction with this, Israel is planning more mass settlements in Palestine
  • Trump has banned numerous government agencies from Twitter, prompting some to go rogue. He has also banned the EPA from doing much of their work. Much of that has a very anti-climate change vibe to it
  • Two major oil pipelines, including the often protested North Dakota one were included in yet another executive order. Trump has a financial stake in both of these but no one is really protesting that hard
  • Speaking of conflicts of interest, Trump’s hotel company announced how it will expand to multiple cities in the US
  • Another conflict of interest happened when Trump pulled the US out of TPP because he had a stake with China to make money from this
  • Jimmy Carson wrote a commentary article talking about how he was forced to give up his family peanut farm because of concerns for conflicts of interest. Compare that with Trump
  • James Comey will remain in charge of the FBI
  • Numerous contacts of Trump’s are being investigated by intelligence agencies for their connections to Russia during the election
  • To protest Trump’s treatment of Rep John Lewis (GA), numerous democratic officials boycotted the inauguration
  • Where was the backbone they showed there when it comes to cabinet confirmations? Although they may keep DeVos from becoming Secretary of Education
  • The first petition to go live on the White House website was one asking for Trump’s taxes


These things and many others may be talked about on their show. A preview of the show can be read about here. Tune in and see, or better yet, call in and ask for yourself.

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