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Change The Channel

…they are who we thought they were!


By Christopher Suprun

Do you watch Oxygen? It’s a network I don’t spend a lot of time with daily or even weekly. I could not even tell you what channel it is. I have no idea what commercials are on that channel.

I bring it up because my son noticed NFL viewers must be men. Men who like fast food and drive trucks and drink beer. My thirteen-year-old did save me the embarrassment of talking about the ED commercials. Pretty clear who the audience is for many, though not all, NFL viewers.

It reminds me of Dennis Green’s post-game speech years ago. “…they are who we thought they were! And we let ’em off the hook!” No, I am not referring to the NFL anymore, but rather the new Trump administration.

Do beer ads and fast food and truck commercials show you who the NFL audience is on Sunday? If so, does the Sean Spicer press briefing Saturday show us who Trump thinks is his audience? If so, it isn’t America as a whole.

Approval ratings for Donald Trump as he enters his Presidency are around 41 percent. That’s down seven points since the election and there are websites showing Trump remorse.

And where are the adults in the Trump administration?

Kellyanne Conway is on Sunday talk shows defending “alternative facts.” The administration must be comfortable with the caricatures of itself it creates. If not, they wouldn’t do so willingly. At the same time, Reince Priebus went to school. Chris Wallace, on Fox News Sunday, asked about the ridiculous crowd size argument.

This all circles back to they are who what we thought they are in this administration: amateurs. Amateurs with a frightening desire for power (see Bannon, Steve). Amateurs with no idea of the repercussions of their actions. What they do know is the audience they are playing to right now.

Trump’s audience includes people who desperately wanted to be the mini-mart manager. Lack nl5ougzqvzyeof education or work ethic they didn’t make it so they lash out. Their audience is a group of people who can not connect the dots of complex policy. How could you have people celebrating rollback of Obamacare while being thankful for healthcare through the ACA? It would almost be comic if it weren’t so scary.

These people love the Second Amendment to our Constitution. They have no idea about the first, fourth, or fourteenth. They love getting free iPhones at Walmart or $300 six foot television sets. They also want Trump to stick it to China with tariffs. They have no idea of how those policies related.


They want to frack in Oklahoma and Texas. They do not understand the economics that cheap natural gas from there kills coal prices in West Virginia. Low coal prices there means they’re out of work. That isn’t regulation killing jobs, though Democrats love to try. This is Econ 101 — basic economics — that apparently only elitists understand. The follow on is if you like tariffs with China and Mexico, why not with Oklahoma and Texas next for their cheap natural gas?

I do not bring these issues up in jest. After some time Trump will need a new enemy. His audience is not a bad group of people, but they do not understand what they voted for in November.

They want their Luckys and beer and their Barcalounger and entertainment. Who better than a guy who ran casinos (poorly)? Who better than a guy who participated in multiple World Wrestling Federation events? Will Donald Trump strap Chuck Schumer to a chair and buzz his hair off in the middle of the ring during a State Of The Union?

Trump and his voters will need a new enemy, someone new to blame when these policies do not work. And his policies will not work.

Slap tariffs on products outside the US. Those prices will go up. Maybe I am wrong, but hasn’t the complaint been stagnant wage growth for more than a decade? That is a recipe for economic disaster and who will be to blame? I will blame the guy who donated to Democrats all his life and who espouses mostly Democratic, protectionist economic talk. The public who blames the media for reporting Trump’s past contributions is dismissed.

I’m not sure what will happen or what policies will get pushed through. What I do know is Donald Trump is playing to his audience and we should have changed the channel a long time ago.

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  1. Connecting the dots requires some form of decent education, that we haven’t had for a long time. To change the world (or change the channel as you say), we need to start with the kids that are growing up right now. Most of the adults are likely too far gone to help at this point. Obamacare not the same thing as ACA…… that’s a good one. Don’t all those free iPhones have a search engine?

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