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The Redneck Army

By Tom Milligan

I wrote earlier about a conversation I had with one of my conservative friends over gun control.  While he’s not a gun owner, he told me that he doesn’t have any problem at all with those that are gun owners or concealed carriers.

He even went as far as to thank those of us who do carry since we would presumably try to protect anyone around us if necessary – including him.

I can’t speak for all concealed carriers, but while I hope I’m never in a situation that requires me to shoot back, I will not hesitate to protect my family, myself, my friends, or even strangers – even if their misguided politics have tried to disarm me for years.

You’ll recall from the previous article, my friend’s support for the second amendment was conditional on a few changes being made:

He believes that in order for ANYONE to buy a gun – or ammunition – that they should A) have to pass a GOVERNMENT RUN OR SANCTIONED safety course and B) should have to register the weapon AND the ammo with the government.

He simply doesn’t get it.

So I took some time to explain to my friend that there are three functional reasons a private citizen would want to be armed:

hunterThe first reason is hunting.

Even most liberals believe this right should be protected. However, liberals believe the second amendment was put in place ONLY to protect my right to go hunting.

It’s usually these same imbeciles who claim the rights guaranteed by the 2nd Amendment should be frozen in time and should only apply to muskets while the freedom of speech guaranteed in the first amendment must include all art, television, radio, Internet, and all other forms of self expression – unless of course you’ve hurt someone’s feelings.

That’s totally off limits and should be prosecuted.

The fact is, that if hunting were the only reason to own guns, I’d have to agree that some of the weapons available today would be overkill.

But guess what?  Hunting isn’t the only reason.

self-defenseThe second reason for owning firearms is self-defense.

Gun control advocates and anti-gunners claim that all armed defense should be left to the Police.

I want you to read this next part very carefully:

Unless you’re a complete moron, you’ll agree that this argument falls apart immediately when you realize that the average police response time is right around 10 minutes.

And in a life and death situation, 10 minutes is LITERALLY a lifetime.

The Police KNOW they can’t be everywhere.

They KNOW it’s going to take 10 minutes to get there.

And more than any other group, the cops KNOW how critical that 10 minutes actually is – which explains why so many law enforcement officers around the country recommend their citizens be armed.

It’s not that the Police don’t want to get there sooner.

Regardless of when the Police arrive – and regardless of the danger to themselves – they show amazing and selfless bravery.  Despite the rhetoric of so many liberals and racists, we owe them our thanks AND our respect.

Blue Lives Matter.

Which brings us to the to the third – and most important – reason for being armed: An armed citizenry is the single most effective deterrent from government tyranny. Period.

2nd-amendBy owning weapons and ammunition, WE THE PEOPLE keep our government in check.  And no matter what anyone tells you, this is the real reason the founders of our nation the Bill of Rights in the first place: to prevent misconstruction or abuse of its powers.

This simple truth is is EXACTLY why nobody should EVER register their guns OR their ammunition with the very government they’re trying to keep in check.

I mean seriously; why would anyone tell their potential enemy how to beat them?

Why should the government know what they’re up against?

Whenever I talk about keeping the government in check, I can always predict the two things liberal will say:

First, I get a look of disbelief that I could even conceive of a world in which the government would need to be controlled.

In fact, during this recent conversation, my friend said, “Tom…don’t you think we’re well beyond that risk?”

Are you kidding me?

It was just 75 years ago – during my parents’ lifetime – that Hitler came to power and killed millions of innocent people.

But do you know what he did first?

gun-registration-hitlerHe disarmed the people.

He convinced them that he would protect them so they had no need to protect themselves.  And they believed him.

This wasn’t some 3rd world country during the dark ages.  It happened in Germany – one of the most modern, progressive, and technologically advanced countries in the world!

And it happened during my parents’ lifetime.

We’ve also seen this same type of power grab happen in Italy, with Mussolini, in Russia, with Stalin.  And don’t forget Idi Amin, Pol Pot, and Kim Jung Il.

The list goes on.

And it ALWAYS starts with gun control.

We are NOT beyond the risk of government tyranny, oppression or cruelty.  In fact, I would argue, that risk is as AT LEAST as great today as it’s ever been.

The second all too predictable question I get when talking about keeping the government in check always sounds some like this:

“Do you really think a few untrained rednecks with rifles would stand a chance against the US Military?”

armed_rednecksThat’s actually a great question.  And of course, the answer is no.  I don’t think a few rednecks with rifles could fight off the U.S. Military.

In fact, I don’t think a few rednecks with rifles could be any standing army – and that includes the French!

But let’s play this out; imagine our government tries to assume even MORE unconstitutional powers, and orders the police and/or military to confiscate all guns in the US.

We all know that would instantly kick off a civil war pitting the out-of-control US government against “a few rednecks with rifles.” (AKA “patriots”)

But would it really be just “a few rednecks” against the US Military?

Let’s do the numbers:

At the end of 2013, the US Military was comprised of about 2.25 million people, just over half of which are reservists – not active duty.

Rather than highly trained combat troops, about 80% of the military hold positions like accountants, doctors, attorneys, truck drivers, cooks, and other critical, but non-combat roles – meaning that aside from basic training, most of those serving in our military have very little combat training – and probably zero combat experience.

So no matter how you slice it, the US Military – including its reserve forces – has fewer than 500,000 combat-trained troops – roughly 200,000 of which are deployed overseas, leaving fewer than 300,000 combat trained troops available for immediate domestic deployment.

Now I hope to never find out if I’m right about this, but if the civil war over guns did break out, I suspect that a substantial percentage of the military would recognize the power grab for what it is and – instead of blindly attacking American citizens to give even more power to Washington – would act as true patriots by either refusing to obey the order or by deserting in order to defend their own freedoms.

No matter the method, I trust that at least some in the military wouldn’t be a part of the domestic attack force – reducing the military’s immediate numbers even further below the 300,000 troop mark.

But for the sake of argument, let’s just say 100% of the active military AND reservists side with the government and are available for the domestic attack.  That means a about 500,000 heavily armed US troops have all formed up to take down the insurrection.

That’s damn scary.

Now let’s look at the insurgents.

According to most estimates, of the roughly 315 million people in the US, around 100 million own AT LEAST one firearm.

It’s impossible to know just how many of those 100 million would just raise their hands in surrender vs. how many would stand and fight against tyranny, but just for the sake of argument, let’s say 10% would care enough about their country to defend it from domestic invasion.

That means over 10 million armed patriots would rise up against fewer than 500,000 troops.

The next argument used by the gun-fearing, government-trusting left is that, despite our strength in numbers, the government has better weapons.

And they’re EXACTLY right!!!!!

Which is why registering those weapons or surrendering our rights to own what little we have is so stupid.

Without weapons, our superior numbers are truly meaningless.

And before you roll over and surrender your freedom, liberty, and rights, just remember:


American patriots fought – and prevailed – over a much larger, more well-equipped army for over 8 years to grant you the freedoms you are so anxious to surrender.

I hope we’re never faced with the decision to fight, but if it comes to that, I’ll stand with my 10 million.


…and you’re welcome.


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1 Comment on The Redneck Army

  1. Ooh, nice one. I don’t like guns myself, but I do understand why others need/want them. Hell, I have a gun my dad bought me, but I haven’t had a chance to practice with him in a long time, and I sure as hell wouldn’t go for a carry license yet–I would want to be damned good with it first.

    My biggest concern with guns is personal responsibility. I know enough idiots that when open-carry passed in Texas, they kept asking their buddies (and me) if we were gonna wear a gun open-carry. The idiots I know thought they could be John Wayne or something, and wanted to wear a six-gun on their belt. That just paints a target as far as I’m concerned, though if you have a carry license and your shirt accidentally rides up because you’re reaching for something and it exposes your gun, well, this prevents you getting in trouble for that. I’m all for that.

    I just think people need a decent amount of training before getting that license, and perhaps like any other licensed entity, time for re-training once or twice a year at the gun range to make sure their skills are still good. I know a few people who wanted concealed carry, got their license three or four years ago, and haven’t done any practice since. Those people freak me out more than the “gun range nuts,” because I wonder if they’ll actually be able to hit anything. Having a gun isn’t enough–you have to know what to do with it…and they haven’t figured it out yet.

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