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Paul Ryan & GOP Do Not Have A Mandate On Healthcare

By Bobby M.

Apparently, the GOP do not believe in democracy and instead favor authoritarian rule. In a democracy, they should work with the 54% of the country that voted against them to make the government work for everyone, as opposed to just deciding what they want to do. Not to mention the fact that many people in their 46% like the Affordable Healthcare Act and want it to remain, or at least improved. But I guess when all the GOP care about is the super rich that fund their exploits, then we should not be surprised that they want to repeal something that helps many everyday Americans so as the people giving them the most money can get a massive tax break.

They are also saying people that do not vote, do not matter. Why is that when they have the same right as anyone else to contact their House and Senate representatives. So let us take a look at those people who also did not vote for the GOP. It is estimated that well over 90 million registered voters did not vote. Not to mention that same article states…

The Elections Project notes that there were 251,107,404 people who classify as members of the voting-age population

When you compare that number to the total that voted for Donald Trump at just under 63 million, that now means that 75% of the country did not vote for him. That number gets even bigger when you take into account young people not yet eligible to vote. Yes, there is no set total to consider, but considering all of the school walkouts that happened to protest Trump’s election, you would think the majority of underage Americans are also against him. More proof for that premise comes from the fact that every single High School band in the Washington D.C. area apparently does not want to be involved in Inauguration Day.

So why is it that Paul Ryan and the GOP think that they’re getting 25% of the country to vote for them, gives them the mandate to do whatever that they want when it comes to healthcare? And I am willing to bet many from that number are not being told the truth, to begin with regarding the Affordable Healthcare Act as proven by reports from the Los Angeles Times and No matter what group you fall into above, you have the right to contact your congressman and tell them what you think. In fact, Paul Ryan’s office is taking calls at 608-752-4050 now on the subject. Tell him you would rather the system be fixed as opposed to giving tax breaks to the super rich. Listening to everyone is the only mandate congress should every consider.


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  1. Thank you I have already contacted my state senators and representatives. It will be my pleasure to call Speaker Ryan. Nothing like a public outcry to make elected types decide to think and reconsider. My hope is that Mr. Ryan’s phone is ringing for the next month. Let’s all call and inform him that in a Democracy there is no mandate, only a temporary job in which he is expected to represent our best interests and not the Republican a party.

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