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Donald Trump’s Response To Russia Is Deeply Disturbing

By Jason Taylor 

Donald Trump’s response to Russian’s cyber attack on the US is deeply concerning. Instead of trying to educate himself to the seriousness of the situation and issuing a strong rebuke of those responsible he is being dismissive and attempting to ignore the sovereignty and the security of the country.

We have a President Elect who has time to meet with Don King but hasn’t bothered to participate in intelligence briefings. That alone tells you something about Trump, and it’s not positive. Mr. Trump’s ego won’t allow him to admit the Russian’s meddled in the election — that casts a cloud over his election and he is unable to deal with it.

We also know that Trump admires Putin and his authoritarian style. We also do not know if Trump’s businesses are beholden to Russian financiers or banks. Therefore, it is unlikely that Trump is ever going to admit the Russians hacked into the DNC and tried to influence the election. After January 20 the only thing we can hope for is the GOP in Congress will show some backbone and thoroughly investigate the situation.

To the extent possible, the findings of the intelligence community need to be revealed to the American people so that Trump’s claims it didn’t happen can be refuted. Otherwise, Trump will continue to dismiss the situation as “sour grapes”. We also need to know if Trump is beholden to Russian interests in any way. It’s a matter of national security.

On the flip-side, President Obama understands exactly how dangerous Putin is. He could do little without solid proof of Russia’s state-sponsored hacking of US computers. (Any computer can be hacked, but there’s always a trail left.)

Putin chose to up the ante by hacking both political parties’ computer systems. He had the materials copied from the Democrat’s computers sent to Wikileaks but did not have Republican material disseminated.

By then, as solid proof of hacking was in the possession of the CIA (and probably NSA, DIA, and other US intelligence agencies), Trump’s paranoia had exceeded that of Nixon on a bad day. If Obama had ordered the intelligence agencies to release their report(s) on the Russian hacks, Trump would have gone off the deep end. He would have claimed Obama was trying to influence the election. Trump tried several times during the primaries to incite riots and said if the Republican Convention didn’t nominate him, his followers would riot. By the election, Trump said he’d only accept the results if he won. Or would he hold his breath til he turned blue? It was very mature, whatever the threat was.

Obama was in a lose-lose situation. The FBI then proceeded to violate its own policies and use the hacked materials to manipulate the election. While Comey should be prosecuted for willful violation of the Hatch Act and terminal stupidity, there was nothing Obama could do publicly.

Trump wants us to move on because he is hiding something major about his relationship to Russia and Putin. If he wasn’t hiding his income tax returns we might know what it is that he’s hiding. He may be in hock up to his ears to Putin.

Presented with overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in the election, Trump shrugs and says let’s just move on. You can never be sure with those computer things. And standing beside him a blinged-out Don King smiles and waves a bunch of little flags. Either Trump is completely incompetent … or he’s a dangerous egomaniac who casts doubt on a major cyber attack because it diminishes his big win … or he’s somehow compromised by shady financial links or other connections to Moscow that would undermine or embarrass him. Or all of the above.

George W. Bush comes off as a genius next to the imbecile Donald Trump. The ignorant, racist morons who voted for their great white hope: a quadruple bankrupt businessman, an idiot who was caught on a live microphone, bragging at length over his p-grabbing way to love, and now tells the country to move on after the Russians, likely with Trump’s foreknowledge, hacked and turned the election in his favor, are they even capable of realizing the grave error they have committed? Yes, folks, we are in serious trouble.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe the Russians did it and wants us all to move on with our lives. Just imagine if Hillary had won the election and offered the same reaction. We would already be deaf from Republican indignation — their beet-red faces screaming about weakness, appeasement, and disloyalty and urging the Congress to overturn her Electoral College victory in January. And that would just be today. Tomorrow they would start calling for hearings, sending out fundraising letters, disseminating self-righteous editorials throughout the land, and filling the airways with their “told ya sos” and conspiracy theories about Hillary and her Communist sympathies. And you know what? For once, they’d be right.

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