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North Carolina: Stupidity And Prejudice Don’t Make For a Happy Combo

By Jason Taylor

The Republicans have become interested in one thing only — the preservation of power. Because their policies are theocratic and anti-democratic, what they need to do to preserve power is blow up democracy. That’s what happened in North Carolina this past week with THREE special sessions, two of which were devoted to the destruction of the democratic process. Last week, the Republicans outraged that the Democrats won back the governor’s office in a state that voted for Trump, voted to remove power from the office of governor. They’ve skewed elections boards so that the North Carolina GOP has power during even years — when elections are held.

Keep in mind that the North Carolina GOP officials who voted on these restrictions are in illegal districts thanks to NC GOP-created illegal gerrymandering. NC GOP also implemented some of the worst voter suppression tactics in the nation the minute SCOTUS pulled back Voting Rights Act protections. Everything North Carolina GOP elected officials have done since obtaining super-party status (control of state house, state senate and governor’s office) has been done to maintain power & destroy the state — from gutting education, restricting voting rights, and implementing discriminatory bills like HB2 that have sent billions of dollars of businesses away.

At what point do we call this what it is? HB2 was a political red meat policy to appease the religious and social conservatives in the right-wing. The problem was that it isn’t 1995 anymore. DOMA is dead, gay marriage is legal, trans rights have largely been treated as an unspoken norm for decades but now it is the political football for these people.

The world wants to move on and treat these people with respect. If Republicans had a decent economic plan they wouldn’t have to play these games. Instead, they need to worry about bathrooms in Charlotte (a place they don’t control) and keep stretching this battle in hopes they can keep this in the air to ignore the obvious lack of economic and intellectual value to their policies.

Republicans do not seriously care about this issue of itself, the active agenda is lucrative fundraising campaigns targeting gullible Christian fundamentalists. The money has been rolling in and that is what this is all about. The frenzied greed of Republicans drives them to compromise U.S. national security to win the approval of Putin for a handful of lucrative contracts directed to Trump and Cronies. This level of corruption and betrayal is without parallel in American history.

I fear that what is happening in North Carolina is just a preview of what the country can expect under President Trump. People have been emboldened to express their prejudiced views against minorities and the LGBT community. It is scary and depressing.

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