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There Are Things You Just Do Not Do

By: David Oslin

Jason Taylor, owner of this website and the guy who brought me on board posted an article yesterday blasting the Russians for their actions in Syria. Totally appropriate in honesty. Syria is a mess. But here is the thing.

No one has the right to things there. not us, not Assad, not the Russians. However no matter what happens there are two protected groups of people you do NOT touch. The Actions of Obama notwithstanding. The first are Chiefs of State. Pretty obvious. The second group, are the upper tiers of the Diplomatic Corps: Ambassadors. These two groups of people should they be attacked, or harmed in any way since time immemorial have been groups upon which wars will start.

As modern communications make talking to a chief of state a simple matter of picking up the phone, it has done nothing to relieve the workload upon these people. Obama’s thousand rounds of golf notwithstanding a Chief of State is increasingly forced to focus on domestic issues these days. And so must rely upon Ambassadors to handle the Diplomatic day to day and in some cases direct talks with other Chiefs of State. Without Protections afforded to the Diplomats, and ambassadors in particular. Diplomacy is impossible.

We all loved the scene in the movie 300 when King Leonidas performed the now infamous ‘Spartan Kick’ to an ambassador of Xerxes. However, there were and are consequences for such actions. And there must be here as well. There are shades of this potentially being a State Sponsored Attack. Now the statement from the Russians suggests that they do not believe Turkey made this one happen. Or if they do they’re playing the cards close to the vest. I prayed before going to bed recently that we were not responsible or involved in this.  But honestly? We might well have been.

That’s right I’ll say it. The United States has been arming and training the wrong people in Syria. These people have been joining ISIS. The move that turned Syria into Vietnam 2.0 started with Obama and the Arab spring. Remember that? He brought down Egypt with just words. Spurring a fundamentalist revolution that was only beaten back by a massive uprising from the populace. That country will NEVER be the same thanks to all of that. And we tried to do that here as well. But things fractured along different lines and Assad was not willing to go quietly.

If Ambassadors are now fair game, so are Chiefs of State. And so are anyone representing them. ISIS was trying to justify its existence as a national power. Well, actions of Terrorists will not do that. Because in the end, that is what ISIS is. A terrorist state hell bent on murder torture and destruction. The death of the Russian Ambassador to Turkey marks a turning point in the history of the world. Who is responsible for it will face dire consequences that we should not stop. This has nothing to do with the Alt-Reich and everything to do with basic standards of conduct.



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