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2016 MLB Winter Meetings Preview

By Bobby M.

While there are some (not me) that claim baseball can be boring on the field, no one can argue that some of their off-field events can create the best spectacle when compared to the other four major league sports. Everyone knows that is especially the case when it comes to the Baseball Hall of Fame, but it is also evident when it comes to anything related trades and free agent signings.

The MLB Winter Meetings are one of the times where the action can be fast and furious regarding all things baseball transactions wise (the other being the in-season trade deadline). Front office staffs for all of the teams meet in some city annually (this year’s convention is in Washington, D.C.) to discuss various matters, while also negotiating various trades and signings of free agent players. Before the Collective Bargaining Agreement was ratified, some people thought that everything surrounding this event would be slow. But now that everything is settled on that front, this will probably be one of the busiest meetings ever due to how lackluster the free agent market is this year. Because of that, look for a high volume of trades to happen between more teams than usual.

A few deals that already took place that worked as a prelude are…

  • Jaime Garcia was traded from the St. Louis Cardinals to the Atlanta Braves for three prospects
  • Matt Holliday signed a one year deal with the New York Yankees to serve primarily as their designated hitter
  • The Houston Astros signed Carlos Beltran to the same position
  • The Nationals trade for a new catcher in Derek Norris
  • Mark Melancon signs a 4-year deal with San Francisco for $62 million
  • Rich Hill re-signs with the Los Angeles Dodgers for three years

Regarding potential blockbuster trades, these things may play a part in the news:

  • Chicago White Sox may trade their left handed pitching ace in Chris Sale. If they do, they will get a huge return. The team is also said to be considering many of their other players to trade as well
  • Speaking of teams that may trade numerous players, the Detriot Tigers have signaled that they are willing to trade anyone on their roster
  • The Kansas City Royals have numerous free agents at the end of the 2017 season and they may look to package any of them in a trade this off-season before they are lost
  • Washington Nationals have discussed a trade for all-star and former MVP centerfielder Andrew McCutchen for the Pittsburgh Pirates
  • Washington has also suggested they are willing to sign Chris Sale and trade for any superstar they think will make their team better
  • Boston Red Sox and Atlanta Braves have been stockpiling minor league prospects to use for trades
  • Minnesota Twins are considering trading their all-star second baseman and power hitter Brian Dozier
  • Tampa Bay Rays are considering trading their star pitcher Chris Archer and franchise third baseman Evan Longoria as part of a team rebuild
  • The Colorado Rockies may trade their centerfielder Charlie Blackmon after he had a career year in 2016
  • The relief pitcher free agent market has never been stronger with Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen, and Mark Melancon (now signed) all being on market

So if you are a Major League Baseball fan, play close attention to the news this week because there is a chance your favorite team may make drastic changes to their roster.


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