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HahnAmerica Radio Preview: Nov 30th

By Bobby M.

Every Wednesday night, Jason Taylor, better known as @HahnAmerica and the founder of hosts a radio show along with @ChuckNellis and his wife @laweez to discuss the week in politics. They each will give the point of view from a moderate, a conservative, and a liberal. You can catch the most recent episode when you follow this link and older podcasts can be found here.

Here are some of the possible topics that I hope they discuss tonight…

  • More attacks on First Amendment rights by Donald Trump
  • In a world where fake news has become such a problem, is Trump causing these various uproars to deflect attention away from more pressing matters?
  • The possibility of no White House press corps
  • Tom Price, Health and Human Services Secretary pick will try and institute Paul Ryan’s privatize Medicare plan
  • Trump lied during the campaign that he will not touch Medicare
  • Many people are worried about healthcare, including those that voted Trump. Deep red states of Kentucky and Arkansas have Obamacare exchanges and have already said they hope it remains
  • Nancy Pelosi may not be popular among GOP voters, but her keeping House Minority leadership may be good for those that want to fight changes to Medicare. She beat out Tim Ryan for the position
  • Sarah Palin is a contender for Secretary of Veteran Affairs
  • Is Trump playing Mitt Romney regarding a possible Secretary of State position? His spokeswoman and numerous supporters are not happy he is being considered
  • Betsy DeVos for Secretary of Education has zero teaching experience and has always been more about getting rid of the public school system
  • Vote recounts initiated in Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania with Jill Stein leading the way
  • Donald Trump is not happy about the recount efforts and had a breakdown on twitter regarding them
  • Hillary Clinton’s lead in the popular vote is up to 2.3 million
  • Electoral College Electors are being asked to do what Hamilton said in the Federalist papers, go against their state’s selections
  • Reince Preibus let it slip that Trump still does not believe in climate change
  • With the death of Fidel Castro, did we give up one dictator only to gain another?
  • Trump’s threats to do away with recent relations changes with Cuba are hypocritical given he tried to do business with the country at a time when it was illegal
  • Things are getting worse at the North Dakota Access Pipeline protest while the media still does not give enough focus that Trump has financial ties to it
  • Mitch McConnell’s wife, Elaine Chao, set to be Secretary of Transportation and he will not recuse himself from her nomination process
  • Trump negotiated with Carrier to not move to Mexico. Instead, half of the jobs will remain, but the company will still get tax breaks
  • Trump will start a thank you tour in various swing states Thursday
  • Trump has supposedly said he will step away from his businesses, but without giving any details on how he’ll avoid conflict of interest

These things and many others may be talked about on their show. A preview of the show can be read about here. Tune in and see, or better yet, call in and ask for yourself.

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