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Trump And Ryan’s Republican Death Panels Fail Again….What a Shame

By Jason Taylor After so many years of whining and voting for recall and playing the hate Obamacare card, it’s fabulous to see Republicans mired to their necks in detritus. Reality is a cruel and unforgiving mistress as they will... Continue Reading →


A Free Press Doesn’t Work Well For Trumpism

"Being president isn’t easy... just go back to golfing"

American Dysfunction

By Andrew Witzel There are nights that I'm kept up at night thinking about all the problems America is suffering through right now. It's Trumps 100th day today, and there isn't a single thing to show for it except a... Continue Reading →

Trump’s “On-The-Job” Training Report

By Susan Kuebler By now we are all familiar with the saga of Donald Trump's riches-to-riches life story.  After growing up in Brooklyn, he was sent to military school after punching one of his teachers in the face.  While there,... Continue Reading →

I Want To See Donald Trump’s Tax Returns Now More Than Ever

By Jason Taylor Donald Trump is inviting us to play a game of musical chairs. There are 6 players: The military; corporations; the ultra rich; retirees who are medicare and social security recipients; the middle class; the poor. With his... Continue Reading →

Dramatic Tax Cuts For Individuals And Businesses?

By Randy Deabay America has been sitting on collective pins and needles to see what the current POTUS will offer as a new tax plan. America knows that one of the main components needs to be tax relief for corporations... Continue Reading →

Trump Sees The Light: NAFTA Is Here To Stay… Maybe

By Jason Taylor Okay, folks, we all need to learn this lesson once and for all: make fun of, or say Trump hasn’t accomplished anything unleashes all sorts of additional crazy. This rush to 100 days, him hearing the drumbeat... Continue Reading →

HahnAmerica Radio Preview: April 26th

By Bobby M. Every Wednesday night, Jason Taylor, better known as @HahnAmerica and the founder of hosts a radio show along with @ChuckNellis and his wife @laweez to discuss the week in politics. They each will give the point... Continue Reading →

US Judge KO’s Trump’s Bid To Withhold Funds From Sanctuary Cities

By Randy Deabay So America had the distinct pleasure in watching the forces of evil, Donald Trump loses another “art of the deal” when the judge decided he was once again whoring the American Constitution for his own self-interest. America... Continue Reading →

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