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Trump’s New Swamp Is A Goldman Sachs Hot Tub

By Richard Cameron Among the most potent themes of Donald Trump's campaign riffs in rallies across America was his denunciation of Wall Street bankers. A particular and obvious target was Goldman Sachs. Trump fed his listeners red meat, accusing the... Continue Reading →


Donald Trump – So Sick Of Winning He Lost

By Jason Taylor Ladies and gentlemen, we have now seen the Republican Party “in all its glory” out in the open for all to see and if there is any doubt what they stand for and whose interests they really... Continue Reading →

Trumpcare Defeat – The End of The Beginning

By Susan Kuebler The decision on Friday by Paul Ryan and Donald Trump not to bring the Republican Obamacare replacement bill for a vote by the House of Representatives represents a significant defeat for Trump, Ryan, and the Republican Party. ... Continue Reading →

A Revolution Is Coming

Yes, there is a " Revolution Coming. A Revolution that is Peaceful, if we are wise enough: Compassionate if we care enough: Successful, if we are fortunate enough: But a Revolution which is coming, whether we Will it or not. We can affect its character, we cannot affect its inevitability." Words of a wise POTUS, JFK.

A Time of Dying: Chapter 4-What Came Before

By Kevin Bailey Previous Chapters: Chapter 1-"The Dead One" Chapter 2-"If It Ain't Broke" Chapter 3-"Swearing at the Trees"   I should write about what came before. Before Colton died, I mean. I know I wrote about the day it happened,... Continue Reading →


President Trump's ties to Russia raise more questions by the day and America needs answers. One group has taken up the pen and petition and encouraged all citizens to sign for an investigation into these allegations, and the public evidence already in full view for all Americans. STAND UP REPUBLIC has chosen to offer this petition.

Changing Gears – Book Review

By Oletta Branstiter For a generation of “snowflakes” who seek “safe spaces” for their “triggered feelings”, this book may be too much to handle. In fact, for those currently enrolled in a liberal University, I suggest that you stop reading... Continue Reading →

God, Televangelists, and Trump

By Janice Barlow As we tumble and stumble down this slippery slope called life, we look up at God from many different perspectives, or not at all. But we all know one thing besides taxes is certain, and we must... Continue Reading →

A Time of Dying: Chapter 3-Swearing at the Trees

By Kevin Bailey Previously: Chapter 1: "The Dead One" Chapter 2: "If It Ain't Broke" Today is August 3—the twins’ birthday. We had a small party, just for our family and Mamere and Papere. Kayleigh let some balloons go for... Continue Reading →

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