Hurry Up And Die: The American Wealth Care Act

By Jason Taylor The Affordable Care Act (ACA) was a “long game” of sorts by then President Obama. Knowing he couldn’t get all of Congress on board for what the true goal was “single payer” the Republicans did a “work around” and started dismantling Medicaid on state levels which cause insurers to drop out of... Continue Reading →


#PresidentLoco Is At It Again!

By Tiffany Rodgers  We most definitely need to discuss this highly intriguing tweet Trump made this past week. First, for the sake of this article, I will be addressing Trump with the nickname @AnaNavarro deemed for him - #PresidentLoco. It seems to fit perfectly in this instance (well, in every instance actually). Here's what #PresidentLoco tweeted without... Continue Reading →

The Trump “Cloud of Unknowing”

By Susan Kuebler First, apologies to any readers who are familiar with this 14th century mystical work by an unknown author on spiritual guidance for contemplative prayer.  Needless to say the words "mystical" "contemplative" and "prayer" have nothing to do with Donald Trump.    But the title seemed to be an apt metaphor for Trump's... Continue Reading →

Was My Vote Really Counted?

By Susan Kuebler These are words that I, as an American citizen, never thought I would write or even have to write.  There is no greater threat to our democratic institutions than undermining our confidence in the sanctity of the election process.   How did we come to this point? It all began with Donald Trump It... Continue Reading →

U.S. Wastes Money On Afghan Uniforms

By Andrew Witzel The American war machine is certainly something to be reckoned with. We have made the process highly effective and seriously deadly to anyone within its crosshairs. Just ask anyone in the Middle East how they feel about American soldiers being in their country and it becomes all too clear that we're not... Continue Reading →

“We’ll Always Have Paris”

By Laura J. Peterson So the other day the headline came across my phone that Donald Trump had ended the government’s research into Y2K seventeen years after it didn’t happen and I thought “good for him wtf government?!?!?” and went on about my day. I didn’t become a Trumpkin or an apologist Vichy Republican nor... Continue Reading →

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